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Canopy and Asphalt? I know what you are thinking. What's with that name? I can see the curious faces. The confused silence is deafening. Why Canopy and Asphalt, you ask? Well, for me, that's Atlanta. For me, the mere mention of a city conjures images, feelings, sounds, and smells.

I'm not from Atlanta, which means that I'm not a true ATLIEN. While my soul claims New Orleans as its home, my heart is firmly in Atlanta. I love this town!

I tried on a few other cities before settling on Atlanta. Knoxville, Nashville, New York; none felt like home. None welcomed me and drew me in like Atlanta.

Atlanta is known as the city in a forest. The Atlanta canopy is spectacular, and it's what we are known for. It's the thing that defines many of our communities. It keeps us cool during blistering summers and shelters woodland wildlife that you wouldn't expect to find in an urban area.

And then there is the asphalt. Surrounded by I-285, Atlanta is a city surrounded by the asphalt that is the main-artery of the metro area. It connects communities that, despite the distance, contribute to the heartbeat of Atlanta.

At any rate, welcome and enjoy!


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